• Phoenix Morby
  • I, PHOENIX MORBY, started playing guitar some 10 years ago and I used to love to ROCK \m/! But my world changed the first time I heard Kris Kristofferson singing out on ‘Me and Bobby Mcgee’. The story and the visions it painted in my head came together like watching an artist paint on canvas. I was hooked.

    So about 5 years ago I started taking pen to paper and trying to tell my own stories, my own little moments in time transformed into song. I have relived painful memories, fun times, lost loves and much more as I try and paint the same pictures in your mind as Kris did for me all those years ago. I created a music bucket list of the things I wanted to achieve, and here it goes.

    * Create and play at least 2 songs live to anyone who will listen
    * Write enough songs to create an EP
    * Play more than 3 gigs in a year
    * Have a double A-Side Single on vinyl
    * Record an EP
    * Have my song played on the radio whilst driving
    * Meet as many like-minded people as I can
    * Play a live set on a radio station

    That’s my bucket list right there, that’s what I set out 5 years ago to do and I have done it. My EP came out in April 2018. It is 5 years of finding and reliving the best and worst stories from my life. The next bucket list is in the cosmos! Its down to space and time to see where my little world takes me and as you are reading this you have come along for the ride! So firstly I thank you for checking it out and secondly I value your support and I hope in some way you can relate to my stories and they help you as much as they have me.

    Oh and lastly, remember ‘Freedom’s just another word for Nothin Left To Lose’

    Phoenix releases the new single 'Outlaw' in July 2019

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