• Mick J. Clark
  • My name is MICK J.CLARK. I am a singer/songwriter who plays guitar, drums and keyboards.

    I have written over 50 songs of which forty are being played in shops via Emerge Media. I have released three Albums and three E.P.s on the Nima Records Label, called, ‘Notes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Pop, Rock, Dance, Ballads, Country and Latin.

    Hopefully my personality comes through in my songs, fun, emotional, rebellious, amusing and all of them heartfelt. I have been in the Reverbnation Top 10, Pop Chart twice, Number 5, in April 2018 with 'There's Nothing Anybody Can Do', and No 8 in the U.K. National Chart. Excepted by Music X Ray and pleased to say I'm played on many radio stations.

    I am Promoting my Birthday song, 'Blow Those Candles Out', and my Summer song, 'Anuther Sunny Hulliday' ( why did I spell it like that ?) which also has a fun 'Dance You Tube' with it as well.

    I had my first fictional book released in May 2018, called, 'Message From A Star', Pub by Austin Macauley, with very good reviews from Kirkus and Blue Ink.

    I also have a Christmas E.P. out called ‘Mick’s Christmas Mix’, 25,000 streams, and I also have two songs on a Christmas Album called ‘The Indie Christmas Album’, with 100, 000 streams.

    Also this year I have two songs on a Summer Album called ‘Strictly Summer’ on Nima Records

    . My albums are on ITUNES, Amazon, Spotify , YouTube and Reverbnation.

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