• Eve & The Fisherman
  • Eve & the Fisherman ​- from the lowlands of Sweden, writes stylish folk/country

    Eve & The Fisherman​ is a Swedish duo founded in 2014. Members are Eva Gisslén-Ståhl ​ ​and ​Thomas Dahl. ​They write and produce their own music.

    Eva and Thomas have worked together for many years, in different combinations and their duo project sprung from it, like an experiment from the start, seeing where the final production would land. To work that way, through exploring, is a method they both enjoy.

    "Close To You​" is Eve & the Fisherman´s​ first full album. It is a collection of their published and some of their unpublished songs.

    The main theme for the lyrics in the album are interaction/relations - not in a deep, profound way, more written like reflections or short stories. Eve & the Fisherman​ like to think experiences are a subjective, personal matter, but as a fellow man one can often relate and recognise each other's circumstances in life.

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