• Tom Fairnie
  • TOM FAIRNIE is an Edinburgh-based songwriter who writes and plays original songs.

    He enjoys collaborating with others, mainly with fellow poet, Bob Shields, with whom he also co-presented a radio show called My Little Radio Show on Radio Saltire. Tom has made five solo CDs and has toured several times in The Netherlands, Germany and the US. He has played at numerous festivals and often gives song writing workshops.

    Bob and Tom write across several genres including folk and blues as well as Americana but they always had ambitions to produce an Americana / Country CD. They thought that it might help promote the songs if they re-issued the best of them in a single CD; HARD TO FIND. The CD is available for download from Tom’s website and the track list has been revised to include songs from Lightning In The Dark.

    LIGHTNING IN THE DARK was recorded and produced by Merel Bregante in Austin, Texas in late 2019 and was released on the first of May 2020 to some great reviews. The music reflects the mix of Celtic and Americana influences.

    The CD features songs such as Better Times, Sleeping On The Streets Of New Orleans, Give Me The Good Times and Lightning In The Dark.

    Producer Merel Berges says, “I have been involved with far more recordings in my life than I can possibly remember. There are some that stand out. Recordings that, for one reason or another, I consider well above and beyond. Truly, the album ‘Lightning In The Dark’ by Tom Fairnie is one. The amazing, lyrical poetry, the gentle, total kick-ass musicality, the depth of soul on this record is pretty damn astounding. If you are a fan of music; if music holds a place in your heart, then this recording should become a part of you. It really does transcend labels. We call it Celticana. The original concept...marrying the more acoustic music of Scotland with the more rocking music of Americana...Texas style. The end result...far greater than the sum. Between the amazing musicians of Scotland and America, I think we got it. More so...I think you will too."

    Tom's previous releases include:

    "Birthmarked" - Tom’s first solo CD; featuring Drowned In Love and Rockin’ Rollin’ Boy.

    "Companions" - A compilation CD that featured six singer songwriters. Some of the best original songwriting from gifted songwriters Martin Boland, Tom Fairnie, Mark Barnett, Arthur Wilson, Mike Dillon and Kenny Vass.

    "The Journeyman" - Tom’s second solo CD features tracks such as The Aleph, Wild Geese, My Little Radio, In The Turning Of Our Time and The Journeyman. A classic CD full of great songs.

    "As Eden Lay In Darkness" - Released at the same time as the Banishment CD. Both CDs feature great songs that cut across genres. As Eden Lay In Darkness includes songs such as Don’t Wish Your Dreams Away, Shoeshine Boy and Prada Heels.

    "Banishment" - Released with the Eden CD. This CD features songs such as The Woman, Without Tears, The Rose Of Morelos and Boston.

    "Tomfoolery" - Tomfoolery featured the talents of Tom and Jane Fairnie, Madelaine Cave and Graham Whyte. The CD includes songs such as The Blackest Pool, Fisherman and I Won’t Let You Down.

    "Hard To Find" - A compilation of the best Americana tracks written by Tom and Bob. The CD features songs such as Sonoma & Sistine, Lightning In The Dark, Runaway Blues and Wild Geese.

    "The Woman" - The wonderful Glasgow singer songwriter, Christine Sparks, covers the songs of Tom Fairnie. The CD features songs such as The Woman, Give Me The Good Times, This Perfect Sin and I’ll Know When I Get There.


    "In a parallel universe Tom Fairnie is a superstar of Scottish and Country music. It's not just fair that it hasn't happened in this universe because he writes tremendous songs and, together with the rest of Tomfoolery; Madelaine Cave, Graham Whyte and Jane Fairnie, plays and sings them with elegance, style and great beauty. Their harmonies alone are worth the price of admission. Tom has a gentle, understated quality to him, but for all that, they make one hell of an impact whenever they play." Leith Folk Club review March 2016

    "Tom Fairnie is Scotland's best kept songwriting secret." Edinburgh Evening News

    "Tom Fairnie writes excellent material and performs it with the energy and passion of a seasoned player" Martin Lennon - Edinburgh Evening News

    "He's a romantic at root and his style seems to reach back to the great nineteenth century poets and to Burns, combining the pithiness of the latter with the yearning romanticism of the former though all the while his eye is on the world around him in the here and now" John Davy Flying Shoes Review

    "Tom Fairnie, in a word; atmospheric. This Scottish songwriter has a sound so heroic and wide ranging it's a wonder how his stunning and far reaching yet subtle country sound isn't flowing from the fingertips of an American songsmith." Greg Harper - Rawrip

    “Tom Fairnie is an Edinburgh-based poet/singer/songwriter with a rich background of performance and recorded collaborations with other poets and musicians. His music is at its most effective when his bruised, Scots Kenny Rogers voice is set against his own beautifully elegant folk guitar style. First and foremost, he’s a poet, in love with words and imagery. He’s a romantic at root and his style seems to reach back to the great nineteenth century poets and to Burns, combining the pithiness of the latter with the yearning romanticism of the former though all the while his eye is on the world around him in the here and now. Secondly, he’s in love with country music and with American self-mythology. Songs about Hank Williams and Bonnie and Clyde are not the only occasions when his imagination drifts across the Atlantic to put himself in a desert landscape or in a border bar, drowning his romantic sorrows in tequila. Thirdly, he enjoys wandering (at least in his imagination) around European scenes of culture and sophistication and, fourthly, he enjoys referencing the music and the writers that have informed his life in performance, from traditional British folk song to You Are My Sunshine. In other words, there is a richness of material here that makes for some enjoyable listening as you let your imagination follow the paths he leads you down. The beautifully produced covers for these discs incorporate booklets that feature poems from Tom’s good friend and colleague, Bob Shields – poems that sit as companion pieces alongside the lyrics to each song. It’s a clear indication of where the heart of this work lies.” John Davy

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