• Tony Clarke
  • From playing in clubs and bars to becoming a prolific songwriter, TONY CLARKE has been perfecting his craft for many years now. His deep tones now pursue the country scene.

    A self-taught guitarist, Tony started performing at various holidays camps in his teens, and went on to play clubs and venues around the UK. He then joined another guitarist and toured the club scene in a two-piece band, Stampede, singing rock-and-roll country classics and, of course, Tony’s own music. Tony then realised that he wanted to sing and perform his own songs, so he went solo again.

    Musical influences came from his parents. They played music all the time at home and he was brought up on Elvis, Roy Orbison, and his father’s love of country music with Johnny Cash, Dean Martin, Charlie Pride and Patsy Cline. When his father died in early 2012, Tony wrote Here Comes that Song Again for him, and he hasn’t put down his pen since, even remixing some songs that are over 20 years old to give them a more modern spin.

    In 2014, Tony released the album "Good Mornin’ Mr Mornin’". It contains 14 self-penned tracks and a mixture of upbeat country songs and ballads.

    The album "Born In 55" was released in early 2016. It again contains 14 self-penned tracks including "Walking In The Sunshine" and "Night Time Don't Come Easy". The music for the album was recorded in Nashville.

    Tony's 2020 album "I’m On The Outside" is a polished 12 song album of neo-traditional Country that captures all the warmth in Tony’s vocals as well as a singular approach to songwriting. As a writer, Tony functions a storyteller who builds his songs about love, loss, regret and resignation within real-life situations that bypass predictability. A flair for clever wordplay lends the all- original album some genuine lyrical depth.

    "I’m On The Outside"is something of an international production. After the sympathetic instrumental support from some of Nashville’s finest had been laid down, the finishing touches to I’m On The Outside were applied in Melbourne, Australia. Guitarist, bandleader and engineer, Paulie Bignell, recorded all the vocals, added some necessary overdubs and then did the mixing at his Hailstone Studio in Melbourne’s leafy eastern suburbs, with Miss Rita Red on harmonies.

    Sonically, I’m On The Outside is hard Country- the pedal steel is pronounced, the guitars bite down hard and the rhythm section stays right in the pocket. Nonetheless, the big sound never swamps Tony’s heartfelt vocals that can rise to the occasion in the cry-in-your-beer balladry of Five Days To Live and Nancy Blonde And Blue Eyes plus the Orbisonesque swell of Four Grey Walls. Elsewhere there are excursions into Honky Tonk, smart Country Rock and the album’s closer, Catch The Early Rain, is a charming throwback to Gordon Lightfoot’s earlier work.

    For anyone who likes their Country to go straight to the heart free of frills and compromises, "I’m On The Outside" is the place to be.

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