• Kerr Donnelly Band

    * Kerr Donnelly on lead vocals and rhythm guitar
    * Andrew Purcell on drums and backing vocals
    * Martin Holland on lead and acoustic guitars.

    They are into their 29th year performing their own style of original British country music and rock and roll.

    Some of the band's songs have been used for movie and TV soundtracks and have become hits on music and download sites around the world and they have 58 number one hit songs so far.

    The band pride themselves on recording and performing self-penned songs and have released nearly 30 albums. Their latest, "Country That Rocks" contains a further 12 original tracks. Their 26th album is released in 2016.

    K.D.M.L.Records are pleased to announce that UKCountryRadio.com has the worldwide exclusive radio airplay of the band's latest single and song "The Clock Is Ticking" (K.Donnelly) (Available for download from all music sites). It is the first song to be taken from the band's forthcoming 30th Anniversary Album Part 1 - "Old Country Dogs" - due to be released in 2017.

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