• Mim Grey
  • MIM GREY is one of Britain's finest Singer Songwriters. Described as 'Soul-infused Country', with a voice like a “blend of Sheryl Crow and Norah Jones”, Mim Grey is building a solid fan base throughout the UK and abroad.

    However, Mim’s journey as a solo artist hasn’t been an easy one. As the saying goes, Mim has truly ‘paid her dues’.

    At 13, the Barnet-born teenager was suspended from school for her “dubious haircut” and left school for good aged barely fifteen."

    Shortly afterwards, her parent’s marriage crumbled, and she left home to move in with musician brothers, Paul and John Williams.

    The house became a “24/7 party” with jam sessions into the small hours. Paul stumbled on an old song Mim had secretly recorded in her bedroom and when he played the tape everyone was up on their feet, dancing and clapping. Paul looked her straight in the eye and said, “Mim, you’ve GOT to sing.”

    Mim & Paul went on to be an item for the next 6 years both on and off stage. Tragically, just when Mim’s career started to take off, Paul was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Six months later he died. Mim describes this as, without question, “the worst moment of my life.”

    After Paul’s death, Mim’s career took a dive. Although she worked on endless projects, jetting off to America to work with top writers and producers, she couldn't find the magic formula. Nothing felt quite right.

    When she’d all but given up, Mim met someone on a London-bound flight who was to play a big part in her future. As she began chatting with lyricist Cori Josias, she felt a deep connection, setting the stage for a formidable song writing partnership.

    Meanwhile Mim fell into a Hampstead lifestyle and a volatile relationship. “I lost the plot for a while,” she admits, “I got involved with drink and drugs and my career suffered.” Fighting her way back to normality, Mim started singing at weddings to pay the bills. At one of these gigs she met the love of her life, drummer Steve Vintner. “Without Steve I wouldn’t be here today,” she says.

    Steve totally fell for Mim’s voice, encouraging her to record her own album and to reconnect with her song writing soul-partner Cori Josias. Sitting round a kitchen table with a guitar and a laptop, the songs on Mim’s debut album, ‘Grey Matters’ began to take shape.

    Mim was soon“discovered” at London’s 606 Club where she had been singing on and off since her teens and before long she was signed and whisked off to LA to work with producers such as Derek Bramble and Rob Chiarelli and LA's finest session musicians who all helped bring Grey Matters to life.

    Without doubt, Mim Grey is one of the finest voices in the world, her ability to recreate the beauty of her recorded albums live is unsurpassed. The way she manages to turn the intricate details of her personal life into emotional heartfelt songs is something that every music lover should experience.

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